Restoration Service


Nos tarifs


As from 1 May 2017, for recent bookings
Continental breakfast (coffee or tea, milk, bread with butter and jam / honey, pressed fruit juice): 2000 FCFA
Corn flakes and / or fruit salad: 1500 FCFA
2 Fried eggs or simple omelette: 750 FCFA
Omelette with onions, tomatoes: 1000 FCFA

Dishes available without order in advance

  • ½ Chicken with curry, coconut: 3500 FCFA the part served with rice
  • ½ Chicken Yassa served with rice: 3500 FCFA per share
  • Tourte (one part served with salad): 4500 FCFA
  • Quiche lorraine (one part served with salad): 4500 FCFA

Meals on order

(The day before or the morning before 8:30 am NB: it may be difficult for us to satisfy a request for different dishes for the members of a group.)
Green salad (disinfected)
– with home-made vinaigrette sauce, and served with bread: 1500 FCFA
– Composed salad (green salad, tomatoes, onions, eggs): 2000 FCFA
– raw vegetables (carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, depending on season): 2000 FCFA
– Potato salad, beets with vinaigrette and coryander: 2000FCFA
– Avocado vinaigrette: 1500 FCFA
– Avocado and mango sauce dressing: 2500 FCFA
– Avocado, mango, vinaigrette sauce, with Ham: 3500 FCFA
– Grapefruit salad, grated carrots with lemon sauce / oil / salt / sugar and grilled crushed peanuts: 2500 FCFA
* Skewers (2) beef with allocos (banana plantain): 3500 FCFA
* Grilled or fried beef fillet with green beans or French fries: 3500 FCFA
* Braised fish with chips or alloko: 4000 FCFA
* Grilled carp with attiékè: 3500 FCFA
* Rice peanut sauce or spinach or sweet potato leaves: 3000 FCFA
* Gratin dauphinois: 4 000 FCFA
* Fish Captain with rice bold: 4000 FCFA
* Fish Captain in the oven (with rice, potato, sweet potato, yams, according to availabilities): 4000 FCFA
* Chicken curry sauce and coconut: 6000 FCFA
* (A whole chicken served on order with rice or boiled potato)
* Braised chicken (whole chicken) with fries or alloko: 4500 FCFA
* Sheep stew: 4000 FCFA (potatoes or sweet potato, yams, with coriander on order)
* Sheep couscous: 4000 FCFA
* Spaghetti ham (dish for child): 1500 FCFA
* Ratatouille: sautéed tomatoes, onions, courgettes, augergines, depending on season: 2500 FCFA
• Seasonal fruits (except strawberries): 700 FCFA
• Sugar strawberries (in season): 2000 FCFA
• Chantilly strawberries (in season): 3000 FCFA
• Fruit salad: 1500 FCFA
• Pancakes (2) with sugar and lemon juice 1500 FCFA
• Nutella or jam or honey

Terrace service :

Light green mint tea (hot or refreshed): free
Earl Gray Tea at the Bergamotte: 400 Fcfa; 500 Fcfa with milk
Lipton: 250 Fcfa; 350 Fcfa with milk

Coffee :
Arabica: 500 Fcfa per cup
Nespresso: 1000 FCFA

A large bottle of mineral water refreshed (1.5 l): 700 FCFA

One candy (30cl): 500 FCFA
A small beer (Flag or Castel): 700 FCFA
A large beer (BRAKINA or SOBEBRA): 1000 FCFA

A juice of oranges pressed: a glass of three oranges 700 FCFA
A pressed lemon juice: a large glass 500 FCFA
Bissap or Ginger juice: a large glass 500 FCFA
Fresh mango juice AVOH (excellent): 700 FCFA

1 glass of wine at 1,750 FCFA and bottle at 8,000 FCFA

Guests of the guest rooms: write your consumption on the notebook