Explore the BURKINA FASO

The land of honest men

The country Burkina Faso


– The country :
Nearly 14 million inhabitants in 65 ethnic groups, including the Mossis, who represent a little less than 50% of the total.
This territory was created in 1919, dissolved and shared between the neighboring states in 1932, and reconstituted in 1947 by the French Colonization. Formerly «Haute Volta», it was renamed «Burkina Faso (« Countries of the Integral Men ») by Thomas Sankara in 1984.
A landlocked country in the Sahel (“Desert shore”), Burkina Faso is not the ideal destination for mass tourism, in search of beaches and lush vegetation. It is appreciated above all for its hospitality, the beauty and diversity of its villages, and its very rich cultural tradition but also contemporary, served by events of international renown.

The most famous are :

  • The FESPACO (Panafrican Film Festival of Ouagadougou) held every two years (the odd years) at the end of February;
  • The SIAO (Ouagadougou International Crafts Fair) which is also held every two years (even years), at the end of October;
  • he RECREÂTRALES (Festival of theater organized by Le Cartel in the district of Gounghin) which takes place every two years (even years) in early November and which has become a prestigious international reference.

But we must also count with:

  • The International Festival of Theater for Development (FITD), one of the most important of its kind on the continent, held every two years, even years, at the end of February;
  • The International Festival of Theater and Puppets of Ouagadougou (FITMO), held every two years, in odd years, in October;
  • The International Festival of Jazz in Ouagadougou, every year in April-May (also takes place in Bobo Dioulasso and Koudougou;
  • The Festival of Choreographic Arts “Dialogues de Corps”, held every two years – even years – in December, with a series of shows, workshops, bringing together artists from Africa and Europe (Ouagadougou hosts two prestigious Choreographic research, with “the termite mound” created by “Salia ni Seydou”, and from 2008, that of Irène Tassembedo, who returns to Burkina after a remarkable journey in France);
  • “Ouaga Hip Hop”, held every year in October and November in several cities of the country, over four days.

And in other regions, among others:

– “YELEEN”, meaning “light” in dioula, an international festival of fairytales and music, held every year in Bobo-Dioulasso over 12 days (and one day in Ouagadougou) in December with adult and Children of dance and percussion;
– “Nuits Atypiques de Koudougou” (NAK) which is held every year during 5 days in Koudougou, in November or December.

Nature lovers (and hunters) will appreciate the Great Parks of Fauna and in particular:
– the Parc du W, which also extends over Benin and Niger
– the Parc d’Arly
– Pama Park, all in the East / South-East of the Country;
– Nazinga Park, two hours drive from Ouagadougou, on the road to Ghana.

In contrast to its enclavement, Burkina allows to radiate on Benin (very rich Fauna Park of the Pendjari, region of the habitat “Tata”), Ghana and Togo, on Mali (Segou, River, and the Dogon Country which is closer to Ouagadougou than to Bamako.

– Ouagadougou, the capital, has nearly 1.2 million inhabitants. His hospitality is remarkable, and we like to stroll in the “Bois de Boulogne”, take a cold drink in one of the many very lively little bars (called “maquis”), which often also serve skewers, chicken, guinea fowl and fish Grilled …

Rich in the village of SIAO which brings together in a single place a great variety of artisans, the city also has its district of bronze craftsmen, its district of antique dealers, numerous workshops of visual artists (painters, sculptors, designers … .).

At 25 kilometers, on the road to Niamey, you will enjoy visiting Laongo, site that exposes the works of artists who come from all over the world carving blocks of granite.

All around the capital, villages of potters, dyers and traditional weavers, ponds with sacred crocodiles.

Two of the three Equestrian Centers organize one-week horseback rides in the Dogon Country (Mali: thinking about visas) and in the Sahelian North of Burkina Faso (Gorom-Gorom, Dori) during the cool season (December-January).